Lo Conteureuse

     Lo Conteureuse (and Their Fairy Tales of the Strange and Beautiful) is a self-published collection of nine original stories with queer and trans themes, written in the tradition of the literary fairy tale. With evolving lush borders on every page, ten full color illustrations, and over 40 ink illustrations throughout, this work combines ancient and archetypal storytelling with florid and baroque visuals to elevate queer narratives. In Lo Conteureuse, queer figures are rendered as a celestially beautiful part of mankind's lineage of lore. 

Lo Conteureuse was available as a limited edition, hardcover book hand-bound by the artist with a gold foil-stamped cover. It is also available digitally as a PDF. 

The hard copy addition is now sold out. 

To purchase the PDF on Gumroad, click here! 

Book: $80

+ shipping

PDF: $25

Sample Spreads

Color Illustrations

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